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What's My Size?

Dansko shoes are sized according to European (EU) whole size standards. To help you find the right fit, Dansko provides sizing charts for shoes. See the sizing charts below for your size. The comparable United States (US) size range is shown below.


US 4.5-5 5.5-6 6.5-7 7.5-8 8.5-9 9.5-10 10.5-11 11.5-12 12.5-13
EU 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43


US 7.5-8 8.5-9 9.5-10 10.5-11 11.5-12 12.5-13 13.5-14 14.5-15
EU 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48


US 8.5-9 9.5-10 10.5-11 11.5-12 12.5-13 13.5-1 1.5-2 2.5-3 3.5-4
EU 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34


Most styles are manufactured in medium width. We offer a range of designs to accommodate a variety of foot types. Dansko also offers narrow and wide clogs for women and narrow and wide clogs for men.


Fit may be slightly snug when stepping in. Toes should not touch the front of the clog. Heel should move up and down freely as you walk. A variety of closed-back styles, offering such design features as buckles and elastic are added to styles as a design feature to accommodate both high and low insteps.


Open-back and sandal styles support the full length of the foot. For some wearers, the heel of the foot will meet the back end of the shoe exactly; for others, the heel may be slightly forward of the back of the shoe.
Adjustability is carefully considered in the design of the open-back and sandal uppers, taking the form of buckles, elasticized panels, and convertible heel straps.

Heel Heights

Heel heights vary by collection. Maybe you are looking for a lower heel height or you want to try something new with a higher heel height or maybe you want to stay at the same heel height. Here’s a quick reference table showing the heel heights of the current collections.

Adare Womens Aimee, Adelle 2.25
Arona Womens Addy, Audrey, Ann 1.00
Barcelona Womens Bonita, Billie, Blaine 2.00
Bayview Womens Belle, Brandi, Brittany 1.50
Boulder Womens Celeste, Chantal, Cynthia, Chelsey, Camryn 1.50
Decatur Womens Deni, Darlene, Dabney 2.75
Dijon Womens Debby, Dina, Dominique 2.50
Dillon Womens Joanie, Jacinda, Jessie, Julie 2.00
Fairfax Womens Camellia, Calypso 1.50
Halifax Womens Helen, Hazel, Heidi, Hilde, Hayden, Hanna 1.00
Larose Womens Lenny, Liz, Lila, Lola, Linda 1.50
Lorraine Womens Larissa 1.50
Lyon Womens LuLu, Lois, Lucille, Lee 1.50
Magnolia Womens Marianne, Misty, Mindy, May 1.50
Marion Womens Manda, Mabel, Martina 1.50
Marseille Womens Olivia, Oksana, Olive, Olena, Orla, Odette 1.00
Monterey Womens Randa, Ramona 3.00
Portland Womens Paisley, Priscilla, Paulette 1.00
Provence Womens Priya, Paulina, Paola 1.50
Rain Womens Richelle 2.00
Salinas Womens Sheena 2.50
Santa Fe Womens Shayla, Sabrina, Samantha 1.50
Sausalito Womens Sonnet, Sophie 2.25
Sedona Womens Elin, Elise, Emmy, Eartha, Elaine, Emily 1.00
Sonoma Womens Allison 1.50
Stapled Clog Womens Sonja, Professional, Wide Pro, Piet, Marcelle, Fabric Pro 2.00
Tisbury Womens Katy 1.50
Tivoli Womens Maisie, Makenna, Mavis, Matty, Marta, Marlow, Melanie, Michelle, Marilyn 2.00
Ventura Womens Tenley 2.00
XP Clog Mens Pro XP (Men) 2.00
XP Clog Womens Poppy 2.00